Accurex Biomedical Pvt.Ltd. is a synonym for persistent quality and continual development with an edge of better technology. We have dedicated more than 25 years in the service of diagnostic industry. We offer a wide range of products-Reagents and Instruments,being a complete solution provider for a customer.

  • Premium Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • 200 programmable channels
  • 7.8" TFT touch screen & pop-up keypad
  • Dual Measuring mode : Cuvette and Flow cell
  • Real-time monitoring of reaction curve & temperature
  • Memory : 3000 test results & 1000 QC results
  • USB Port for optional:external mouse ,external keyboard ,external printer (HP)
  • Pack-Sizes:1 unit
  • Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • 112 programmable channels
  • Memory : 3200 results
  • Large touch screen
  • Real-time reaction curve display
  • Anti-vibration & anti-disturbance optical system
  • Unique zero-drift, filter check & worklist functions available
  • Lamp saving feature
  • 7 filters (340 - 630 nm) with 1 free position
  • Pack-Sizes:1 unit
  • Electrolyte analyzer : Na, K, Cl, Ca, pH
  • Rapid test speed : 30 sec/test
  • 'Advanced design flow' system for efficient cleaning
  • Memory : 1000 records
  • Numeric keypad & large LCD display for convenient operations
  • Long life, high performance & maintenance free electrodes
  • Sleep mode to save reagent
  • Automatic 1 point & 2 point calibration with option for manual calibration
  • Pack-Sizes:1 unit

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