RX Series : Clinical Chemistry Analysers

The RX series has been developed by Randox to meet the growing needs of clinical laboratory testing. Offering a comprehensive range of clinical chemistry analysers, from the semi-automated RX monza through to the fully automated RX imola.
The RX series of clinical chemistry analysers provides performance like no other. Robust hardware combined with intuitive software ensures unrivalled precision and accuracy for results you can trust. Delivering high quality routine and specialised testing through the most comprehensive dedicated test menu on the market, the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers guarantees flexibility, cost savings and consolidation. The RX series is capable of catering for a variety of laboratory settings, from low to mid-volume testing through to 1 million tests per year.
With the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers - we’ve got you covered.
RX daytona
RX daytona offers a high performance, fully automated solution to mid-volume clinical chemistry testing. Read More
RX imola
A fully automated bench-top chemistry analyser. Capable of handling the workload of a medium to high throughput laboratory. Read More